Tiny Tiny RSS Open in Background Tab v0.0.1

I’ve just released my first Chrome extension to the Chrome Web Store, lovingly referred to as Tiny Tiny RSS Open in Background Tab.

When Google Reader first announced it was shutting down, I moved to Tiny Tiny RSS. In Tiny Tiny RSS, the standard action for opening links in a new tab also raises the tab, interrupting your consumption of the feeds.

This Chrome extension lets you configure a shortcut key to open items in a background tab. In conjunction with the googlereaderkeys plugin you can have a pretty efficient process for reading feeds.

This extension is based off of a similar one for Feedly.

Icons provided by:

Released under the MIT license. Source available on GitHub.


Comment from Chad on

Thank you. I’ve been using a TTRSS plugin that did this for chrome/opera, but recent changes to Chrome’s javascript handling broke this (arguably the right thing) but my usual flow for feed reading is too ingrained to give up this capability, so I was thrilled to find a chrome extension that could do this with the extension api.

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