1. Catalyst-Model-LDAP

    A Catalyst module for interfacing with LDAP servers. Acts as a wrapper for Net::LDAP and offers inflation of LDAP entries to a given class, among other features.

  2. Catalyst-Plugin-Session-Store-DBIC

    A session storage plugin for Catalyst, using the DBIx::Class ORM. Highly configurable and extensible.

  3. http-authentication

    One of the many WordPress plugins I’ve written, released as open source. Allows you to use an external authentication system (like Shibboleth) with WordPress via your web server.

  4. Podbop

    A music discovery site devised by my friend Taylor McKnight a built by the two of us. Mashes up event listings from Eventful with MP3s to give you a sample of artists playing in your area.

  5. SiteDeploy

    A website deployment system I wrote at the University of Florida. Provides a push-button web interface for releasing sites to production.

  6. UF Home Page

    I’ve maintained the UF Home Page for 10 years and most recently improved its availability using DNS, Heartbeat, and a cluster of Linodes.

  7. UF Phonebook

    An LDAP web interface used at the University of Florida for finding students, faculty, and staff. My first Catalyst site, with an extensive test suite.

  8. WordPress-Maintenance

    Scripts for synchronizing WordPress instances. Simplifies moving content and code between development, test, and production sites.