Tiny Tiny RSS Open in Background Tab v0.0.1

I’ve just released my first Chrome extension to the Chrome Web Store, lovingly referred to as Tiny Tiny RSS Open in Background Tab. When Google Reader first announced it was shutting down, I moved to Tiny Tiny RSS. In Tiny Tiny RSS,

Network Username Restrictions Override 1.0

I’ve just released a new plugin for WordPress multisite setups that require additional control over the format of usernames, the Network Username Restrictions Override plugin. By default, the Network Admin user maintenance screens allow usernames to contain only lowercase letters

http-authentication 4.0

I’ve updated the http-authentication plugin to again support mixed authentication setups. This allows you to support users who do not exist in your external authentication system for whatever reason. You can give them a standard WordPress username and password. Another

http-authentication 3.0

I’ve released version 3.0 of the http-authentication plugin, which is compatible with (and requires) WordPress 3.0. Changes in this version include: Use of pluggable functions for authentication instead of plugin hooks Revamped multi-user support, now that WordPress 3.0 includes it

Updating http-authentication plugin

I’ve created an initial version of the http-authentication plugin that is compatible with WordPress 3.0. Please test the version from trunk and let me know your results. Assuming nothing goes wrong, I’ll release a new version this week!