Updating http-authentication plugin

I’ve created an initial version of the http-authentication plugin that is compatible with WordPress 3.0.

Please test the version from trunk and let me know your results. Assuming nothing goes wrong, I’ll release a new version this week!


Comment from Bryn on

I’ve just tried it, and it still stops at the login page. It lets you click ‘login’ without filling in the boxes, but the previous version did that as well.
I’ve doublechecked that I am in fact using the 3.0 version of the plugin.

Comment from dwc on


Please try the latest development version. The previous one wasn’t handling the case where WordPress was revalidating your login cookie.

If it still stops at the login page, let me know the URL (just the part after your domain name is fine).

Comment from Bryn on

Oh, lovely, that was perfect! Very much appreciated.