http-authentication 3.0

I’ve released version 3.0 of the http-authentication plugin, which is compatible with (and requires) WordPress 3.0.

Changes in this version include:

  • Use of pluggable functions for authentication instead of plugin hooks
  • Revamped multi-user support, now that WordPress 3.0 includes it
  • New options page, using the settings API

I’ve tested the plugin extensively, but please let me know if you run into problems with your setup.

Nothing should need to change in terms of your configuration. If you’re running WordPress 3.0, please upgrade using your WordPress plugin interface or download a zip file and install the files on your server.

Update: I’ve released version 3.0.1 with an improvement in how the plugin interacts with WordPress authentication cookies. Download a zip file.

Update: I’ve released version 3.1. This version contains no changes from 3.0.1, just a new version number to make it the latest version on the plugin page. Download a zip file.

Update: I’ve released version 3.2, with a minor fix for creating users. Download a zip file.