http-authentication 4.0

I’ve updated the http-authentication plugin to again support mixed authentication setups.

This allows you to support users who do not exist in your external authentication system for whatever reason. You can give them a standard WordPress username and password.

Another advantage of the new code is that you’ll be able to more easily use the XML-RPC or Atom Publishing Protocol interfaces. If you don’t want to bother trying to get HTTP authentication working for these interfaces, just use a standard WordPress username and password for them.

Overall, I believe the authentication code is more robust and flexible than in previous versions. Please test the latest version and let me know if you have any issues!

Thanks to Scott Shambarger for providing an initial patch!

Update: I’ve released version 4.1, which has been tested against WordPress 3.2. There are no code changes between 4.0 and 4.1.

Update: I’ve released version 4.2, which makes the login and logout process more flexible and fixes a case where the plugin wasn’t being able to authenticate users (thanks to Josh Larios).

Update: I’ve released version 4.3, which simply updates the plugin URIs. There are no code changes in this release.

Update: I’ve released version 4.4, which contains a small CSS fix for WordPress 3.3.

Update: I’ve released version 4.5, which fixes various warnings.