iCal Events Plugin

Note: This plugin is no longer being updated. You may wish to try amr-ical-events-list instead.

I also uploaded a plugin which displays events from an iCal source: iCal Events. It uses import_ical.php from the WebCalendar project. Many thanks to them for writing a parser.

Update (2006-04-17): Version 1.5 released, with support for some types of repeating events and support for event URLs. If you were previously using version 1.4 of the plugin, please note the following API change: the display_events takes a single argument, formatted as a query string. For example, if you are invoking the function as follows:

ICalEvents::display_events('http://www.ufl.edu/calendar/ufCalendar.ics', time(), NULL, 3);

you’ll need to change this to:

ICalEvents::display_events('url=http://www.ufl.edu/calendar/ufCalendar.ics&limit=3&gmt_start=' . time());

This change was made to make the plugin more flexible. You now have much more control over the output; for more information, please see the readme for version 1.5.

Update (2007-04-09): Version 1.12 is out; download it from the WordPress plugin repository.

Update (2008-04-15): Adam Wolfe Gordon has another plugin of same name that might fit your needs if mine doesn’t.