Updating http-authentication For WordPress 2.0

A couple of people have asked me about updating the http-authentication plugin for WordPress 2.0. I’ve made a first pass at updating it, thanks to Dustin Brewer who provided an initial patch.

Currently this version is in trunk, but I’ll likely tag it as version 1.4 on Monday or Tuesday. In the meantime, you can download a zip from Owen Winkler’s site.


Comment from Dustin Brewer on

Thanks for updating your great plugin. I know I really appreciate it.

Thank you again.


Comment from Joost Cassee on

Thanks for updating the plugin!

Without intending to be a nag, could you get it to work with the registered-only plugin? You know, the redirect_to problem?


Comment from dwc on

Joost and I solved the problem by upgrading to the latest version of wp-login.php from WordPress trunk. If you are using WordPress 2.0 with this plugin and the registered-only plugin, please replace your wp-login.php file with:


When WordPress 2.0.1 is released, there shouldn’t be any conflicts between the two plugins.

Comment from Schuyler Duveen on

Great plugin, which allowed us to setup a wordpress blog in our environment very quickly. I’ve made some extensions to it, which you can see here:

diff at:

This adds some options which accomodate better a situation where the whole blog is protected with authentication, and also adds an auto-registration feature. This has only been tested with WP 2.0.1.

Comment from Sam on

Great plug-in. I plunked it in (1.5-sky) and it worked no problem.


Comment from alfie on

now it’s working quite well–much obliged!