ical-events 1.9

Another quick release of code that’s been sitting in trunk for a while – ical-events 1.9.

This contains fixes to boundary coniditions, support for wp_remote_fopen instead of the url-cache plugin, improvements for repeating events with specific repeat days, and basic support for RFC 2445 event status.

You should be able to download a zip file from Owen Winkler’s site shortly.


Comment from Jawker on


i can’t seem to delete the cache folder from my server.. any help?


Comment from Orion on

Suddenly today the plugin stopped working. It says, iCal Events: Could not fetch [ics-url-here]. And when I copypaste ics-url to my browser, it works perfectly. What could be the problem? The example is here:

Comment from dwc on

Are you still having problems loading your calendar? I looked at the example and it seems to be loading.

Maybe it was just a transient problem with the server hosting your calendar.

Comment from björn on

hi guys..

is this project still running? Pretty nice script..!!
Have Version 1.12 in WordPress but here you can finde 1.9.. but not downloadable.. whats going on?

Comment from björn on

thanks. i’ve got it already.. and its amazing!!
works nealy perfekt.. but one thing..
the german umlaute.. heard about it.. looks like this:
http://www.hcublog.de/hcublog the right side.. i have no idea to fix it.

Comment from björn on

worked perferktly! thanks man. this script is realy awesome.. tried some other but this customization is fucking sweet!!