New versions of http-authentication

I’ve released two updated versions of the http-authentication plugin, for better compatibility with certain PHP setups on Apache:

  • 2.2, for WordPress 2.6
  • 1.8.1, for WordPress 2.0

You can download either version from the WordPress plugin directory.

The updated versions add support for the REDIRECT_REMOTE_USER environment variable that you may see with PHP running as a CGI or running under FastCGI with a ScriptAlias configuration.


Comment from Ali on

Hi there,

I’m currently tweaking your WordPress plugin.

I need it to actually read a htpasswd file (that could be located anywhere on a server) and then log the user in. Using REMOTE_USER etc wasn’t any use to me. I want the user to see a basic blog. When they login they get to see the expanded blog. So, I don’t want them to have loginwhen they access by blog – instead, they long into to see the extended. So I don’t want a htaccess in my root blocking access. Does that make sense lol?

Anyway, I’m nearly done… I’ve combined your code with some other handy open source code and I seem to have a finished plugin.

Since I’ve only tweaked a bit of your code, I was wondering if I could still release it as a plugin? If so, how would you like me to reference your code? Of course, credit is given where due! I’m not trying to pass your work off as my own 🙂



Comment from dwc on


I think it’s great that you’re interested in releasing another plugin. The http-authentication plugin is open source, and you are free to modify as you see fit. When you release yours, just make sure that it’s open source as well.

I’d appreciate you mentioning my plugin somewhere in the code or readme file, but it’s not absolutely necessary!

Comment from Jason Long on

I have a patch that allows the xmlrpc.php to be used, with your HTTP authentication plugin. Are you interested, and how shall I get it to you?

Comment from dwc on


Nice! Please send me the patch to dwc at ufl dot edu and I’ll take a look.

Comment from Dan S. on

It seems, at least from my personal experience, that WordPress 2.8.4 breaks your http-authentication plugin.

Comment from dwc on


I’m using it successfully here. What problems have you run into?

Comment from Mark on

Curious if http-authentication plugin works with WordPress 3.0. We’ve been successfully using with with WordPress Mu (2.x versions). Just upgraded to 3.0 and it doesn’t quite work – using htaccess I’m asked for our external login, but doesn’t seem to be passing this back to WordPress. I come to the regular WP login.


Comment from dwc on


Something has changed with the authentication in 3.0. I’m working on updating the plugin.

Comment from Mark on

Thanks Daniel – look forward to seeing the update.