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http-authentication 2.0

I’ve finished updating the http-authentication plugin for WordPress 2.5. This version of the plugin will work with WordPress 2.5.1 and above, due to a change in the wp_authenticate plugin hook. This plugin will not work on WordPress 2.5, but if

http-authentication on WordPress 2.5

As noted elsewhere on this blog, the http-authentication plugin does not run smoothly on WordPress 2.5. Ryan P and Ben Chun have tracked down some of the changes to WordPress core that have caused problems for the plugin. As time

Minor Plugin Updates

I just tagged new versions of the http-authentication and ical-events plugins: http-authentication 1.7 ical-events 1.10 The releases include updated readme files for the really slick WordPress plugin directory that was released today. The ical-events plugin also contains a minor fix

ical-events 1.9

Another quick release of code that’s been sitting in trunk for a while – ical-events 1.9. This contains fixes to boundary coniditions, support for wp_remote_fopen instead of the url-cache plugin, improvements for repeating events with specific repeat days, and basic

http-authentication 1.6

I just tagged version 1.6 of the http-authentication plugin, which adds nonce support for improved WordPress 2.0 compatibility. This had actually sat in trunk for a while; I was lazy about doing a new release. You should be able to