ical-events 1.6

I just tagged version 1.6 of the ical-events plugin, with a minor formatting fix and a fix for Google Calendar URLs. The caching code didn’t always generate a unique filename, depending on the URL. You can download a zip file

ical-events 1.5

Phew, been really busy recently. A few people have provided patches or suggestions for the http-authentication plugin, but I haven’t had the time to really respond to them in any useful fashion. Sorry if you’re one of these people. 🙁

Updating http-authentication For WordPress 2.0

A couple of people have asked me about updating the http-authentication plugin for WordPress 2.0. I’ve made a first pass at updating it, thanks to Dustin Brewer who provided an initial patch. Currently this version is in trunk, but I’ll

Security Update: http-authentication Plugin

I just tagged version 1.2 of the http-authentication plugin, which includes a security fix. Users of previous versions are urged to upgrade. Previously it was possible for one authorized user to impersonate another by forging their WordPress login cookie. A


It was a long time coming, but we finally released the UF News site today. It’s technically in beta for now, but I’m excited to be getting feedback from a wider audience. The site runs WordPress, of course, and a